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Are You Meeting Your Customers' Preferred Banking Channels?

A Story About My Visit to Panera Bread

As I settled into a meeting at the local Panera Bread, the vibrant hub of my town, the rhythm of modern customer interactions played out around me. Opting for efficiency, I sidestepped the bustling lines by placing my order through the digital kiosk, while my perpetually tardy colleague seamlessly navigated the Panera mobile app on his phone.

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The Business of Automation: Why Bank-Fintech Partnerships Make Good Business Sense

This is the third part of a 4-part series on the Journey of Automation, exploring emerging automation tools, technology, strategies, and innovation. Previous posts have covered the evolution of automation technologyandthe importance of having a digital transformation strategy. This post will elaborate on the two concepts, outlining why partnerships with Fintechs now just makes good business sense.

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