Year in Review 2023

Exciting news from Vikar in 2023! With soaring client growth, a doubled team of rockstars, and explosive revenue growth, Vikar is ready for new heights. Stay tuned for their bold new look and additional services. Join the journey of growth and celebrate with Vikar!

Exciting things are happening at Vikar! We're bursting with news about 2023 and we can't wait to share it with you.

Client Growth Soaring!

We're humbled and energized by the 84% increase in client growth! More businesses are recognizing the value we bring, and we're committed to delivering exceptional software for each and every one.

Expanding Our Team of Rockstars!

Our incredible team is the heart and soul of Vikar. We are thrilled to announce that we've doubled our headcount! This influx of talented individuals brings fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and even more power to serve you better.

Explosive Revenue Growth!

Remarkable results: We achieved phenomenal revenue growth exceeding 100%, demonstrating our unwavering dedication to client success.  

Unveiling a Bold New Look!

We've refreshed our logo above to reflect our dynamic evolution. It's sleek, modern, and packs a punch – just like our team and services! Look out for our website refresh this month as well.

Get Ready for Additional Services!

Our innovation engine is firing on all cylinders! We're excited to announce the launch of additional products and services, including Consumer Lending and Treasury Management products for our account opening/KYC solution.  Stay tuned for further details coming soon!

This is just the beginning!

We're grateful for the continued support from our current partnerships. We look forward to building and nurturing new ones going forward. Join us on this journey of growth – get ready for new heights, innovative solutions, and an even stronger Vikar!

Let's celebrate together!

We invite you to follow us and share your thoughts on our exciting news. We appreciate your feedback and comments.

One View, One Vendor, One Vikar!

The Vikar team!


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